CSSM Orly Rzeszow has been active continuously for 18 years now. Currently in association more than 100 children and youths are being trained, including female group. Training classes for young people are held for the whole year.

During summer and winter vacation camps, day camps, trips for football tourneys, workshops and cultural/athletic/educational events are held. Each year a bigger actions popularizing sports, the idea of fair-play and promoting healthy lifestyle for kindergartens, schools, associations and football clubs are organized. These actions aim for shaping appropriate social attitude.

The main purpose of Orly Rzeszow football school is the development of young people, not only in the athletic sphere, but also in an intelectual one. Organizing football camps and projects like, among the others, Respect and tolerance - the motto of a young fan's help to achieve that progress.







There are 4 active sections in the club at the moment. Members of the club engage in wide range of recreative classes through their sports passion. Chairman of the club and organization' s leader, Tomas Boni, is a coordinator on Hungarian side. He prepares Hungarian trainers to participate in the project and coordinates meeting in Hungary and sharing good practices.

Chief of men football section is Lajos Váradi. Chess group leader is trainer András Kundrák - he is also responsible for trainers team. Voleyball section is represented by Balázs Kovács. Wrestling section leader is István Thomka..

Football teams of this association represent the club in 3rd Hugarian league and in minors leagues. Association is located in small town, but it is very active both in local community, and national competitions. Thanks to the initiatives and activity of Tomas club is supported by local authorities and has positive receive.


Trnkov is a small village nearby Preśov. Through the engagement of local people who love football sport association Trnkov (ŠZZ Trnkov) was created in 2011. It helds sports classes and focuses mainly on education of the young footballers.

First football teams of youths in Trnkov started to participate in local leagues in 2014, when Preśov Regional Football Comission was responsible for the leagues of youngest sportsmen. The leader of the club is Jan Onofrei, who is chairman of the association and coordinator on Slovakian side.

Franciśek Bednar helps him in realisation of football activities - he is a long-term ativist from Preśov, with great experience in working with young footballers. He is also took part in international projects with Polish partners. He is coordinator on Slovakian side. He is responsible for preparing Slovakian trainers and logistics.